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A passion that has gradually grafted me. Photography, I timidly at first discovered with my first camera at times as a family holiday. Then over time I have increasingly explored in some of its facets, to share in my vision through my pictures.

I've always been captivated by the magic, dreamlike effect where more and more present in my work. However, I would also remain open to other aspects that photography offers, that are just as interesting, if they are examined in a form of my own.

My photographic approaches

photo apple Photography, it is my endless exploration of aspects that I like to study. Seeking escape, some opening where everything becomes possible. This photographic approach is not to reproduce reality. This is the staging of a place, a character who no longer conceal any expression, which overflows to be himself in a more or less on the dream atmosphere. I like to take these few things that change human vision rediscover a detail, a scene in a different perspective.


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